Saturday, October 28, 2017

Highlights of the Love Letter Workshop

My Love Letter workshop in Santo Domingo last week was a success!

A success because-- as I shared with the attendees what a Love Letter is as a practical technique to process negative emotions and reach the love that is underneath these-- I felt connected, engaged and purposeful.  I sensed that those present were attentive and receiving the benefits of this information.

Most were there because something about the workshop title, Love Letter, or the content advertised beforehand sparked their interest.  They were open to heal some aspect of their lives, whether it be conflicts, frustrations, resentments, and relationships of course!

But what was even more interesting to me was realizing the desire that many of us have to be heard, understood and to feel connected.  People opened up about conflicts they were having with superiors at work, others about long-time friendships that had gone sour, and much more.

The energy of both groups flowed as there were funny moments, serious moments, and even a few tears were shed in the group (including me) as a painful loss was shared.  It was an interactive and fruitful experience!  It is my wish that they apply the Love Letter technique in their lives and realize how healing it can be when practiced consistently.

I look forward to teaching more healing workshops.

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