Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Divine Vision

At one point of my devotional this morning, I closed my eyes to absorb what I had just read from a spiritual book; at that moment I had a vision where I saw myself having made transition.  I had crossed the veil into God's Presence, Eternity, I guess.

I was floating, not really walking on anything solid, just floating towards the Divine.  As I was being drawn into Its Presence, I felt a pull and looked back remembering my loved ones that were still in the dream.  I felt for them, as if I was leaving them behind. 

I sensed God's calling me at that moment, reminding me:  "Don't worry.  They are fine.  You can help them now from here.  All of their being is not in their bodies, there is a part of them that is here.  I felt relieved and joyful I could be light and support from this eternal state of being to them.

Then I felt I was being embraced, enveloped, and lifted up.  I can't explain precisely with words what I felt.  All I know is I had tears in my eyes from the experience and needed to share it here.

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