Friday, February 15, 2019

Wow! These Course Lessons are a Mind-Digger

My blog is mostly about my own awakening and growth journey in all aspects of my life.  Especially as a life coach and minister.  As I progress with the A Course in Miracles lessons (one lesson for each day of the year), reading and applying them, my mind has loosened more regarding the world I see and how I see myself and others.

The lessons for this past week are especially mind-diggers.  That's how I feel them.  They have really made me go within to ask for Help in seeing myself and the world from this new perspective.  

Here they are:  

  • #128:  The world I see holds nothing I want.
  • #129:  Beyond this world there is a world I want.
  • #130:  It is impossible to see two worlds.
  • #131:  No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.
  • #132:  I loose the world from all I thought it was.
I write each lesson down on an index card and focus on the lesson of the day consistently.  

For sure this world is not what I would call home at all.  That is why we are all in a constant search for happiness, for something more, knowing deeply that there has to be something better beyond this.  In the world we seem to live in as bodies, everything changes, we feel unsafe and with no security, there is no constant peace and joy.  Life is always changing.  Unexpected stuff happens.  We get sick, etc.  So, I want to believe that beyond this world there is one that I want to experience.  One where there IS peace, joy, oneness, love, safety.  But, I can't feel safe if I have contrary beliefs.  You know, yes, I believe in God and that I am loved, yet I am full of fears and defensiveness and separateness.  Two worlds.  Contrary thoughts and beliefs.  

The lessons go on to say that I can't fail to reach the truth when I am determined to find it.  As I invite these new ideas into my mind, consistently, repeatedly, the world I see is loosened from the old thought patterns that made it in the first place.  

Lesson #132 states that there really is no world out there.  My beliefs keep the world in place....beliefs are powerful you know.  I need to change my mind, embrace what this and other spiritual paths say about me and my Creator.  That we are One.  I am Love.  I was created from Love.  As I begin to change my mind, the world I see changes too.  I can even see whatever happened in my past differently, and experience a future different from the past.  

These principles are still challenging to me.  It's a complete shift in perception from what I have believed to be solid, true and unavoidable, to begin to realize that it's not real and I have the power to change my mind from ego thoughts (based on illusions because of  fear and separation) to God thoughts (based on truth, reality and Oneness).    So far, it's exciting!  

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