Thursday, September 26, 2019

True Transformation Begins with Courage

I believe taking the path of true transformation (healing all the old stuff we hold on to that keep us stuck and separated from a life of abundance) starts with the foundation of COURAGE. It really takes COURAGE to be willing to take responsibility for our lives; which also means being COMMITTED to ourselves; being honest and courageous to look within ourselves. Once we start on this inner journey, there's no turning back. With WILLINGNESS, COMMITMENT and COURAGE, we shed the old self and a process of transformation begins to unfold. All life becomes new!
Having gone through the YOU University program has been significant on my own journey of self-awareness and transformation. The tools I learned have served me well time and again in healing, in releasing old baggage and in processing my emotions in a more balanced way. There is true, timeless wisdom here.
Because of how complete this program is, I decided to be an emotion-based coach, teaching and facilitating the program to others who are committed and willing, while deepening my own learning.

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