Tuesday, October 8, 2019

What is Spiritual Bypass?

This is from the YOU University Coaching Program: 

"Spiritual bypass: using spirituality as a way of not dealing with feelings. Example: Someone makes you angry but you don't like feeling angry so you jump right over it into understanding, love and forgiveness. The problem is it doesn't really work. Feelings need to be expressed somehow."

I've certainly done this in the past when I didn't have an understanding of how important acknowledging my feelings was. I was ignoring an aspect of me and not paying any attention to it. And it did not feel good. It was not spiritual at all. What would happen is the issue or feelings would pop up in some other way....in some passive but aggressive way.

Now I know better. I write out my feelings and I as my Inner Guidance to give me the right moment and words and attitude to express what I feel and not skip over this very important and healing step. Our feelings may seem invisible, but they are very real. We must acknowledge them and not push them down or fear them. 

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