Friday, October 18, 2019

Change and Movement

How curious that in just a year's time all three of my adult children have chosen to make major life-changing. Movement and shifts. Between July of 2018, and August of 2019, all of three children moved to new places. My daughter, Deborah and granddaughter, moved to Mexico from the Dominican Republic, and my son, Norman moved from Miami to Utah. My oldest daughter, Savina, moved with her whole family this year to NY for the exact same reasons. All huge changes for them in the pursuit of a better life and better opportunities. I come from a family of immigrants, and I myself moved from my place of origin, NY, to the Dominican Republic, at 18. It was extremely difficult, and to say the least, I never, ever, ever got used to living there, even though I spent 30 years of my life in that country. It was an enriching experience as I can say I am completely bi-cultural, but it never felt like home. Now I am back in the US....and it feels like home while I'm in the body. These moves have been difficult transitions for my kids, and painful. They left everything that was familiar and stepped into the unknown, facing many challenges, having to resolve all sorts of issues, learning life lessons and most of all, learning to let go of the past. All this can take an emotional toll. And also builds character. As their mom, I feel their struggle and pain. I pray for them and do my best to hold them in the light that they are. Yet, I found myself focusing too much on the story of struggle. Being much more aware of my thoughts now, I realized what was happening in my mind and I immediately said no! They are not weak. I will not see them or their situation this way anymore. First, they were all guided from within to take this huge step. Second, they are blessed, whole, capable, provided for, moving forward, strong, and so much more good stuff. As soon as I did this, my mood was elevated. I felt the heaviness dissipate completely. And I continue to see them this way. Victorious!!! New beginnings!! Infinite possibilities!

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