Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Importance of Slowing Dow and Reconnecting to Self

Being semi-retired and a stay-at-home wife/home administrator has given me the opportunity to focus much more on myself. I actually enjoy taking care of the house and the details that went unattended to for years because of my successful 40-year career as an Administrative Professional.
Raising 3 children and working full time definitely left very little time to focus on myself. I did my best over the years to fit in exercise, enjoyment and most of all spiritual inner work (my passion).
At some point I decided to follow my calling and trained as a coach and ordained minister. I now work from home and am much more at peace with time to dedicate to knowing myself.
Sometimes I get that sense of wanting to be "busier" and do more. But no, I am learning to slow down and focus on what is truly important to me this stage of my life.
I share my light, work with clients, facilitate coach and ministerial training, workshops and even officiate ceremonies. At my own pace.
My priority is serving, being present, self-knowledge and awakening.

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