Monday, April 20, 2020

Can I Turn Attack Into a Blessing?

This topic was covered on our daily Course Companion call this morning. It's from Chapter 7, Section VI of the text of A Course in Miracles.
These are some of the concepts from the section that stood out most to me (I'm paraphrasing them to personalize the teaching):
--When anyone acts insanely, it is an opportunity for me to bless them.
--Others attack out of fear and because they believe they lack something in them.
--God created everyone worthy of honor. Appreciate them.
If I am tempted to attack in return, conflict and separation arise. But, can I turn attack into a blessing instead?
Can I see their wholeness and abundance instead of lack and weakness? Can I keep in my awareness that they have forgotten who they really are and respond with patience?
My part is to see everyone as God created them. As I do this, I see myself in this light too. This, I believe, is how we dispel animosity, separation, fear and can heal our relationships with compassion and true appreciation.
I admit I have not mastered this yet and I am judgmental towards others. As I become more aware of my judgments and defensiveness, I am do respond patiently.....with the help of the Spirit within me.

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