Monday, April 27, 2020

This is the real path to our spiritual awakening and a happier experience. It is to see others as they truly are, and know myself through this vision.
There really is nothing else to learn, ultimately. Anything we do and learn will lead us to this truth. As I see, treat and think of others, I will know myself.
Whenever I meet anyone, it is a holy encounter. I can decide to honor their true essence as a Child of God, holy, whole, innocent, in spite of whatever they think they are. As I hold them in this light, I know myself in this light. And they will sense it.

Living life from this perspective is a much more joyful and fulfilling experience. Separation dissipates and relationships heal because we are healing within. We are returning to truth.
This has nothing to do with religion or philosophy. It's about a state of being. We do not heal alone. We need each other.

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