Monday, July 27, 2020

Barriers to Love

Feelings of unworthiness, guilt, being defensive and judgmental, the desire to be “special”, holding and holding another accountable to fulfill MY needs are some of the barriers within myself to what love really is.  These are based on fear and a belief that I am not enough.

I have used “special” love relationships to alleviate the pain caused by the belief in separation.  What I called love was always an effort to find validation outside myself of my worth.  My relationships then became a means of getting….not of giving and receiving.  

Years ago, after leaving a very painful relationship that was based on abuse and victimhood, I committed to learn what love was.  Since then, I have worked on acknowledging and letting go of the blocks to the love that I am.  

As I deepen my relationship with my Creator, I understand that nothing can change who I really am.  I realize I am love, whole and complete.  From this state of mind, I relate to others in loving and joyful ways, giving and receiving love instead of relating to get.

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