Friday, July 10, 2020

Three Qualities

I chose these 3 qualities to focus on years ago when I was training to be a ministerial counselor. I wrote and placed the words where I would see them frequently and keep them in my awareness.  

Yes, I must say I have developed all three.  I am much more CONSISTENT keeping my healthy habits; I follow through (less procrastinating), I complete assignments and overall am much more committed to myself.

I have developed my TRUSTING nature....I listen to and trust the guidance I receive from my Inner Wisdom, whereas I used to look for validation from others.  God has become my "go-to". 

As for DEFENSELESSNESS, that's been the most challenging.  It's still an on-going learning process for me to pause before speaking, to listen with an open heart and to choose peace over wanting to be right.  

The journey Home is guaranteed.  I am never alone.  Spirit is always with me, for me, in me and guiding me.  I am committed to releasing what doesn't serve me anymore and continue to shine the light that I am.  It's time to heal the world.  

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