Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Am I the Ruler of My Mind?

Am I the ruler of my mind? Or, as this quote from A Course in Miracles states, does my mind seem to rule me?

All sorts of thoughts can fill my mind.  Some of them are kind, some are concerning, some are fearful, others judgmental and some even insane.  

As I pay attention to the thoughts (and noticing how I feel), I replace them with what is true.  This has become my practice! 

You see, in this world, we have been programmed to be fearful and to believe in lack, struggle and that we are unworthy.  We can spend our days (and nights) feeling guilty, regretful and fearful of the future.  

I refuse to live this way.  My goal is peace.  My goal is love.  My goal is letting go of all the programming that has occupied my mind for so long.  It's time.  I consistently hold loving thoughts about myself and others and it has changed my whole perception. 

Yes, it takes effort and awareness.  But the rewards are priceless.  Truth, love, forgiveness sets us free.  

I am becoming the ruler of my mind. 

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