Thursday, February 11, 2021

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear


These principles from the text of A Course in Miracles affirm the state of perfect love as reality, and the state of fear as unreality.  

Fear of not being enough, of having another see the ugliness within me (how unworthy I am of love, etc.) had kept me feeling isolated, alone and always trying to win the love of others by giving, giving, giving for many years.  

For the past 15 years, I have allowed these loving principles from the Course enter into my awareness and soften the blocks and false concepts that have kept my mind asleep and held it captive from my true being, which is love.  

As I practice stillness and go within, I connect with the peace, innocence and love that I am.  It's a place in my mind that has been covered up way too long and that I now access.  Here, I meet with God.  And as I open up to His love, I extend it to others.  This love is healing, it's freeing and it's available to all of us because it is what we really are.  

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