Monday, March 8, 2021

Love Created Me like Itself

This workbook lesson, #67, from A Course in Miracles really hit home for me this morning.  

For as long as I can remember, I identified with a different self-image.  

People I loved and trusted from my past repeatedly told me I was selfish, uncaring and unloving.  I believed them at a deep level because they were important and close to me.  

I spent most of my life and relationships trying to prove them wrong (in my head) by being extra loving, by giving at times even more than was necessary or healthy, while never really feeling the truth about myself.  Their inner voices became my voice.  And it has been very unforgiving.

As I read today's lesson, and sit with it, I allow it's truth to sink in deeply.  I feel its message of changeless, eternal love, which is what God's love is; the old voices are replaced by this love. I've read this lesson many times before, yet today my inner being is ready to embrace this true image of me.  

I am forever grateful for God's love. And, since I place my faith and trust in what these lessons say about me (because they feel true to me), I accept this as a complete and accurate statement about what I am.  Love created me like Itself.  Then this Self must be in me.  

In the quiet stillness, I repeat this idea along with other attributes of Love, such as holiness, wholeness, wise, loving, kind, and so forth, as I reach deep within.  I spend my day repeating this truth about myself because I need to hear it as often as possible.

Love created me like Itself.

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