Friday, March 26, 2021

Love Created Me Like Itself

I’ve done the review lesson #84 in ACIM several times in the past, but yesterday I practiced it with more devotion, determination and attention.  I did the reminders throughout the day and also sat quietly with the idea for 15 to 20 minutes, as per the instructions.  There were a few times I did skip the short practice periods, but I kept at it.

To repeat the idea throughout the day keeps my mind in awareness and connected.  Sitting quietly for 15 to 20 minutes with the idea, asking for clarity from Spirit and going deeply into its meaning shifts my mind to a lighter, truer state. The old begins to be released and the new welcomed.

During my longer practice period, I did my best to still my mind.  I sat quietly and attentively.  I then asked, WHAT IS LOVE?  I substituted Love for God, All that Is, the I Am, Creator.  

Words and meanings began to flow into my mind.  Love is:  kind, wholeness, perfect, unchanging, beautiful, gentle, strong, uniting, oneness, light, all-encompassing, inclusive.  

I thought:  if I am created in Its likeness, then what am I??  I remembered the Course states: “you are a miracle.” “God and His miracles are inseparable.”  “The Word is really a thought.”  I somehow understood and envisioned God extending Itself and creating me (not as form or a body which is perishable, but as spirit, eternal, with His attributes as stated above).   I had such a feeling of joy and love at that moment and all through the day.  I rose up from my quiet time with the sense that I am a thought in the Mind of God.  Inseparable from Him.  Wow!!


  1. Hi Savina, I am so appreciative of all your posts on this blog. I resonate with these Course principles. Thank you for your authenticity.


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