Sunday, April 4, 2021

True Light is Strength

Lesson #93 and 94 are so freeing and revealing of God's Love for me (and all of us).

Today, the above statement included in lesson 94, titled "I am as God created me",  stood out for me.  I don't gloss over the reading material as in previous years, as I want to understand the real meaning of the A Course in Miracles teachings and continue to experience the peace and transformation they bring.  

So I asked:  what does it mean to me that true light is strength?  I closed my eyes and allowed some clarity to come.  

Why is true light strength?...because it's the truth about me; I am light, we are all light, as we have been created.  Changeless.  And this light has the power to heal, to unite, to shine away all darkness and illusion and reveal our true being.  And what is our true being?  Purity, innocence, peace, joy, and so much more. I could feel that truth within me.  And I repeat it as I go through the day, especially when any contrary thought comes to mind.

I am as God created me.  I am strong, light is in me.  I do not need to prove my goodness, as it is given by God Himself.


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