Friday, January 27, 2017

Opening the Closet Door to My Feelings

On my ongoing journey to self-awareness and inner healing, I've learned that feelings need to be felt and acknowledged, shame has to be worked out and released, and guilt is a useless and self-defeating emotion.

In the past I had read about these concepts, yet, reading about them and working with them were two different things.

In the You University Life Coach Training program I learned one of the most in-depth exercises and tools for healing my inner child. It was about writing "my story".  It required I go back to the ages of 7, 14, 21 in stages of 7 years until the present and feel my feelings as if I was there at that time.

This process took me a while (there was a part of me resistant to this work), doing much probing and self-inquiry; it took courage and willingness to look at many painful, repressed memories.  Today I would compare this process to opening a closet door that's been closed for many years--a closet filled with a lot of "very old stuff", and finally going through the "stuff", choosing to keep only what is of value while letting go what doesn't serve anymore.

This process was very healing and I still use it whenever anxious or fearful thoughts and feelings spring up inside me.  I sit with my feelings, I observe them, and I can say:  "aaahhh, this thought is coming from that closet again" and simply, let it be.  I ask this thought really true? 

Opening that closed closet door and allowing the old stuff to come into the Light brings me to a peaceful inner state each and every time.  

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