Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Importance of Having A Caring Support System

Having a caring support system is priceless.

It's a true blessing to have one or two really good friends to confide in and be vulnerable with knowing you'll be heard, supported and not judged.

I have friends I can count on when experiencing challenges and feel  I need support or honest feedback.  Some are close by while others are thousands of miles away.  Yet, through the internet or phone we connect and nurture each other.

I am also blessed to be part of a wonderful online group whose members are YOU University life coaches; on our weekly calls we join to share what's going on in our outer and inner lives.  We support each other as we listen with an open heart and mind to happy, joyful and many times sad and painful events any of us may be experiencing.  At the end of each call we all feel empowered, relieved and connected.

Whether it's a close relative, friend, coach or support group, there are times we all need that loving support to hold our hand during a tough challenge or to celebrate our breakthroughs!

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