Thursday, June 20, 2019

Focus on this Moment!!

Focusing on the present moment was never easy for me.  Having an anxious and over-active mind meant that my thoughts were usually somewhere in the past or future.  

I have become much more aware of my mind activity, and with practice I have learned to master presence.  Yet, even as I  practice this consistently, I still catch myself multi-tasking in my head.

Whenever I'm not present, I feel rushed, stressed or even guilty, depending on what is on my mind. But, when I consciously choose to focus on what I'm doing at the moment, the experience is completely different.  I become aware, engaged, and a sense of expansion fills my mind.  I'm not stressed or anxious to move on to the next task anymore.  My mind is present, peaceful and focused! 

I do this practice as I wash the dishes.  I practice awareness and presence when I'm listening to someone.  I listen with intent and interest.  And the other person I'm sure can feel a difference too.  There's an energy of connection.  They can sense they are being acknowledged and heard.  If my mind wanders (and it will), I just notice, and I bring it back to the now.  

You can try this too.  Start by being present in a simple activity, such as brushing your teeth.  Or really savor your food instead of rushing through it while watching television.  I assure you you will feel more alive.  Sounds good, right?  Let me know if you try it and how it feels.  

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