Monday, August 5, 2019

I Am At Peace When My Thoughts Are Fixed on God

This is one of my favorite quotes from the Bible and I remind myself quite often what it truly means....and try to live it as best as I can.

But, what is it really saying?  How can I practice what it says?

Perfect peace is a sense of complete well-being, with no worries, no fears, and having a feeling of safety and protection from my Higher Power. 

I ask myself:  Do I trust God?  What does this trust feel and look like?  Do I just do a lot of "lip service" saying I trust but then give in to worry and negative talk?  No. Trusting in God means I can rest assured all my issues and needs are taken care of.  it means asking for guidance and knowing I will be answered.  Trusting means remaining steadfast and grounded IN SPITE of whatever may be happening around me.  It's really knowing deep within that God Is and that I am taken care of.  And, of course, this is a result of spending quiet time connecting within.  Listening, being still.

Whenever fear and worry enter my mind, I remember this verse and repeat it over and over until I return to peace. I rest.  I trust.  Aaaaah.  This is what having my thoughts fixed on God and  Truth means.  To really trust God is to experience perfect peace. 

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