Thursday, August 8, 2019

God's Peace is Mine

Today's Workbook lesson #273 of A Course in Miracles felt like such a treat.  I focused on its meaning during my quiet time with God which is a mix of meditation, prayer and imagery.  

I imagined the feeling of owning this God-given stillness and peace.  I concluded that being in stillness is my part, making time and space to actually be still and listen, to sense.  To be aware.  And then peace is the effect, the result of this practice.  

The even more beautiful realization is that this is a gift.  I don't have to earn it; I can step into it, and practice the stillness.  Because this peace is already within me, when I take my focus away from all the outer "doings" and noise and distractions, I experience the awareness of God's peace.  And I have it with me all through the day.  

I do get side-tracked and forget, so I take out my index card where I write my lesson to remind me.  I do my best to read it as much as possible during the day so it becomes second-nature.  Yes, it takes willingness and consistency.  But so worth it.  This is my practice in spiritual awakening and awareness.  

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