Sunday, August 18, 2019

I Will Not Be Afraid of Love Today

Today's lesson of A Course in Miracles (the Course includes a workbook with 365 lessons, one for each day of the year) is an affirmation; it says "I will not be afraid of love today."  

This is my 5th time going through these lessons since I began to study the Course in 2007.  The more I read, study and practice them, the more my mind opens up to these principles and the more healing I've experienced.  My understanding is deeper and I am able to let go of old beliefs and concepts that have kept me stuck in fear.  

Yet, I was curious when I read the title.  Am I really afraid of love?  I've never thought of it.  As I read the lesson insights by Lisa Natoli, who is a great teacher of the Course, I identified some fears I still experience that keep me from being the love that I am.  I realize that I am afraid of stepping into my True Identify of Love because I don't feel worthy.  I fear being authentic, vulnerable and making mistakes. The sense of unworthiness of God's Love has made me feel that I need to earn the love that is already mine by default.  

This lesson is asking me to step out of that self-concept of unworthiness, of weakness and fear.  No more having to defend my self-image.  I am as God created me.  Let me be that!  I am love, created by Love.  And Love is the greatest power there is.  

This is my practice.  Ongoing.  

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