Thursday, August 6, 2020

A Course in Miracles in My Path Home

A Course in Miracles became my next step on my spiritual journey Home, back to God. 

I began my study of it in early 2007 in a beautiful, intimate study group in a Unity church.  Since then, I have read it, put it down, felt resistance to its teachings (the ego in me resists the truth because it's a relinquishment of it), picked it up again and now it's a part of my everyday life.

Sometimes the practice of its principles can be challenging for me because I resist letting go of my own will.  But I continue on, and practice, practice, apply.  I see the results in my inner healing and in the healing of my relationships with others and life itself.

Most of all, my experience of God's has blossomed and I become aware of it moment to moment.  As I relate to others, I practice loving, because this is the purpose of being here on earth.  To see love in all, without exclusions.  I fail, for sure, because the ego never rests.  But I watch my judgmental thoughts and feelings of fear and attack as they come up and remember the truth. 

This is my path. 

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