Monday, August 24, 2020

"Teach Only Love, For That is What You Are"

It seems that we all have our own interpretation or experience of what love is to us.

Much of how we experience love is linked to the environment in our home during our upbringing, and then repeating these patterns in our subsequent relationships.  

To me, love is both, feeling and action.  In my experience, there are times when I behave lovingly even when the feeling is lacking; and other times I act upon my loving feelings because the feeling is there.

Now, I am open to what A Course in Miracles teaches, and that is that I, and all of us, are love.  We ARE LOVE.  We are as God created us.  As I allow this idea to penetrate my awareness and I identify with this truth about myself, I am able to be loving even when I am not feeling loving.  What happens is that the feeling naturally follows the act of love.  This has such a healing effect on me  the giver, and on the receiver.  
As I embrace the idea that we all are love, my perception of others softens and a deeper connection is available for me.  

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