Sunday, August 30, 2020

Why Can’t I Remember?

Earlier this week I pondered why no one recalls where we come from, where we were before we incarnated into this world of form.  Why is it so hard to remember??? 

Some pieces of this puzzle have begun to come into my awareness.  I asked and I am receiving.  

First, this world stands for everything that is based on fear.  I realize I have been brainwashed since birth to live in fear, to identify with this body and feel weak, lacking and insecure.  
The whole system we live in is structured this way, to keep us fearful, searching for meaning,, for worth, for purpose, for love outside of ourselves.  We feel lacking!!  At least I have most of my life.  

This desire to feel whole and complete cannot be fulfilled with anything this world offers.  And here is the truth of it all.  Everything here is always changing, passing, ephemeral, offering no real security.  I am left always looking for something more.

I step back, loosen my identification with the body and this world as I open up to spiritual principles that offer me a new way of being.  It’s a way of truth, of peace and of joy.  

There is a veil that has been put over our awareness to keep us asleep and in forgetfulness.  Will we be courageous enough, willing enough to look beyond this veil and realize that fear is just a mental construct we’ve been programmed to believe is real?  Fear has no power of its own.  Our belief in it is what keeps its control over our minds. 

We fear life, we fear death, we fear loss and lack, we even fear God, our own Creator!  Fear keeps us feeling alone, separate and powerless.  These are all mental obstacles raised to keep us away from our truth and asleep.  This is why we can’t remember.  Do I want to wake up???  For sure!  I want to know the truth and be free.  

We saw an example of this in the Wizard of Oz….its voice and seeming presence was loud, scary, overpowering…and yet, unreal.  Once Dorothy and her friends looked behind the veil, they found a scared little man with no power at all!  And they were then able to find what they were searching for, all along within themselves!!!

The fear disappears once we decide to turn to truth.  Many are already on to the deception of the system.  Some may choose to stay a while longer in fear, but I’m just not one of them.  I will to be free.  

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