Friday, June 4, 2021

I Will Step Back and Let Him Lead the Way

"Him" can be understood to be God, Truth, Love, Light.  

This is another one of my favorite lessons in A Course in Miracles.  I repeat it to often as a reminder that I don't know what is best for me, but God does, and God is within me.  So, I decide moment to moment to let go of the reigns, release control (as best as I can), and allow Truth to guide my way.  I cannot judge because I don't know the whole picture.

This is today's lesson, #155.  I spend the day, hourly, repeating the idea so it stays fresh in my mind.  

It also states that we walk to God.  This is our journey here, to return Home.  And we are also here to remind each other through acts of kindness, compassion, love, and recognizing the light in our brother.  

One of my favorite Ram Dass quotes is: "We're all just walking each other home.  Ain't that the truth!!!

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