Thursday, June 17, 2021

Your Grace is Given me. I Claim it now.


As always, today's lesson, #168 of A Course In Miracles workbook,  is a beautiful one, where I spend the day claiming God's gifts to me as His Child.

So, I start my day with this thought:  "YOUR GRACE IS GIVEN ME.  I CLAIM IT NOW"  and throughout the day I recall these truths that form part of the lesson's content....(I have personalized them by changing "us" or "we" to I or me:
God speaks to me.  Shall I not speak to Him?

He is not distant.  He makes no attempt to hide from me.
I try to hide from Him, and suffer from deception.  He remains entirely accessible.  He loves Me (my true Self).  There is no certainty but this, yet this suffices.  He will love Me forever.  
Spending my day bringing these ideas to awareness hourly and when I'm thinking idle, ego thoughts, uplifts me and I feel peace again.  

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