Friday, October 1, 2010

More on Self Trust and Life Lessons

Learning to trust myself and being open to life's lessons seem to go hand in hand for me.
My form of exercise is power walking.  I've been doing it for 30+ years.  It's great for me because I do it outdoors.  I hear the birds, feel the breeze, get alot of sun and it energizes me along with staying healthy.  A few weeks ago I started jogging and running a little bit....and my left leg began to complain.  I didn't pay attention. 
Along with investing time and energy in building my life coaching practice, I also am looking for part time work.  I went to an interview with a recruiter (along the same time my leg was acting up).  They had a good full time/temp position supporting a VP in a global organization.  If you know anything about me, I have been doing Administrative support work all my life and I'm not too excited to continue with it.  I want change. Ok, I accepted to go to the interview the next day where the position was available.  I really didn't want to but it was the "should" thing to do.
Coming out of the recruiter's offices, guess what?  My leg snapped and I felt excruciating pain.  I had to hop to my car. After a visit to the ER, I was sent home to rest for a week, no exercising, and no walking for a few days.
Did I somehow create the leg injury on a subconscious level?  Could be.  I didn't go to the interview.  Lesson?  Well, whether it's logical or not, I pay more attention to what feels best to me, not what feels like a "should".  Trusting myself is one of the lessons from this experience.  I will write in a future blog about some other lessons I'm learning from this.

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  1. I say it was the universe's way of not allowing you to go in an direction that is not your passion. On the other hand, sorry it had to be a painful knee injury.......


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