Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Personal Power, a post from You University creator, Maia Berens

Personal Power

Simple But Not Easy

Today I’m seeing my role as life coach very simply.  Show my clients their personal power. My job is to show my clients how to clear their path and their self view of all that says they are less than – less than deserving of material goods; less than deserving of the relationships they want with friends, family and significant other; less than deserving of anything they want.
Most of us seem to have picked up the message somewhere that it’s only OK to want a certain amount. So a certain amount is what we get. Additionally, it is hard for us humans to remember that we came here for a purpose. In its broadest sense we came here (here being Planet Earth) to learn some other things in addition to our worthiness, our own personal power. What we learn appears to be our own choice.
For example, a client I’m working with is working on letting go of guilt and responsibility around her adult children. We spoke today about how when we enable other adults, we might keep them from growing into the wonderful humans they are in the process of becoming. When we enable other adults and rescue them from themselves, they never get to see their own inner resources or personal power nor seek the support they may decide they need or even fail and learn and grow from that.
We also spoke about the agreements we appear to make on some spiritual level in which we act in certain ways for our children’s growth and they do the same for us. Therefore everyone is in agreement. No one is a victim.
I have no idea how I developed the gift of being able to teach, model, intuit all that I do with clients but it appears to be an ever-developing gift. It sure is fun to be able to see, speak and help those people who want to grow in awareness and expand their lives. I love watching the magic of transformation as it occurs.   I love holding the hand of those I work with and becoming part of their magnificent unfolding.  I love seeing those I help exercise their own personal power for their own growth and benefit.

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