Tuesday, October 12, 2010


What is this thing we call resistance?  
I'm experiencing resistance in several areas of my life.  Such as, resistance:
  • to taking the actions needed to move forward and grow my Life Coach practice; 
  • to allowing myself to try out new things; 
  • to exercising consistently and not eat sweets daily!
I know these actions are in my best interest, yet even though I know and get excited about them, I don't realize them.  I feel I let myself down and I feel awful.
Where does this resistance come from?  Why am I doing this?  I don't really know. Yet.  I do know it's there and I don't like it.  Should I resist resistance?  No.  I prefer to learn from it and find the answers to these questions...answers that are within me. I've been journaling and working with my life coach to arrive at a place of understanding and acceptance.
One good thing is I'm growing in self knowledge.  I now know I have resistance to the good that's for me. I was unaware of this.  I want to learn from it, as it has been a part of me...a learned response to something deeper that is beginning to surface (fear?).


  1. I think it's old habits and patterns picked up from the way were treated as children and the false beliefs about ourselves we lived with for years and then it just becomes habit, habit, habit. For me, after I learn about it, I have to make a commitment to do what is good for me and have it witnessed by those who will support me lovingly.

  2. There's resistance and resistance. Sometimes resistance is your old way of thinking trying to keep you back in your comfort zone and not try anything new. However, it also can be your inner alert that lets you know when something is definitely not for you and to look in a different direction. Listen to your inner self when it comes to resistance. Find out where the resistance is coming from. Is it really an old habit? Or, should you open your mind to other possibilities?


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