Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life Coaching is a Vocation

I am a Life Coach by vocation.  What does that mean?  That I coach naturally.
  • When at work it's so natural and easy for me to train others, to explain to them new procedures, and to encourage my coworkers when they feel they've made a mistake.
  • At my spiritual community:  as a volunteer woman's counselor, I've used my natural God-given gifts to connect at the soul level to understand their experience as best I can. When it's time to speak, I allow the words to come from a place of love and objectivity.
  • Friends.  My friends come to me for non-judgmental support.  I hear them, I really listen, and do my best to understand their feelings and issues.  When I speak, I always try to do it from that same place of unconditional love that I mention above, trying to see things from a higher perspective.
So, even though right at this moment I am not immersed in a coaching practice, I know wherever I go, wherever God sends me, I will bring all that I've learned to be light and to support, motivate and empower those I come into contact with.

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