Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Job Searching @ 55?

Job searching in today's world is an experience.  It's even more so at 55!!  I so realize how much I'm changing as I mature.
When I faced the reality that it was time to look for work, it felt unpleasant.  It was a process I did not want to go through.  I feel that by now I have proven myself as a career woman after 30 years of working experience.  To have to start all over has not been something easily digested by me.
Ok, so, let the applying on line begin.
After numerous email responses from HR computers from companies responding that they found a candidate that better fits the position's qualifications, I get calls from a few recruiters, and a few companies.
Interviewing.  Gotta study the company.  Make sure I have a professional demeanor.  Stay positive.  Know the right answers and the right questions.
The questions:  what is your greatest strength?  What is your weakness?  Describe a day in your previous job.  How many words do you type?  Tell me about yourself.  Why did you leave this job?  And that job?
With each interview I go to, I get the impression that the whole corporate world is really for young workers.  These are some of the words that describe today's world:  Go-getters, multi-tasking, fast-paced environments, willingness to work overtime, constant change.  I get stressed just from reading that.   This is what I bring:  mindfulness, wisdom, balance, 30 years of experience, and much more.  Maybe I don't fit anymore.  
It's been an experience of growth for me.  I have gone from "I don't want to do this anymore" to "God, you guide me.  Show me what lessons I need to learn from this whole process.  You know my talents and skills and where I can be of service.  Please take me there."
Choosing on a day to day basis to trust God and believe He's present in each step has eased my apprehension in the whole process.   I know what feels right for me, He knows and sees the bigger picture.  Together we can make some good happen here.

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