Thursday, December 16, 2010

In God There is No Lack

A prayer on behalf of all people willing to work:
Dear God, as your children, we trust You are our true Provider….all our needs are met in and through You.  It is not from an employer/spouse or any other source that we trust our provision to come from.
We are here with our God-given talents, skills and willingness to work.  We are productive and dignified beings.  We are the Light of the world.  We do our part and You do Yours. 
We will not believe what the world out there says: 
  • there is lack, or 
  • you have no credentials, or 
  • you are overqualified, or 
  • you are under-qualified,
we affirm:  we are whole in You.  Somewhere our unique talents and abilities are needed and valued.  We are not at the expense of unappreciative employers/clients…we are in Your hands, Father.  We trust you guide us to our greatest good!!!  We affirm: THERE IS NO LACK!!  WE ARE WHOLE IN YOU!!!  And so it is!!

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  1. Very nice to see words from a fellow woman of faith! God bless you!


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