Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Resolutions?

This is my last blog for 2010....more to come in 2011.  I will continue to share here the lessons I learn about my Self and Life with all who are interested and drawn to this blog.

Whenever there's a new year approaching, our energy gets invested in making resolutions, and that's just great.  Life is an ongoing process of evolution, growth and change.
I believe New Year goals and resolutions are important and help us focus and take steps in the direction we feel our life needs to progress. 
I already thought about my own (resolutions), and even wrote them down in my new agenda for the coming year.  Unlike many of my hi-techie fellow humans, I prefer my hard copy agenda vs. an electronic one. 
This year, my list is pretty short.  I'm not intending to DO alot.  My intention is to BECOME more of my Self.  I intend to learn to get in touch with as many of those feelings I have been avoiding most of my life.  So, I resolve to:
  • be more Aware of what's going on inside of me
  • pay more Attention to the Now
  • meditate more and sit with myself and my feelings/thoughts
  • practice and learn to be with Life just as it is, to the best of my capacity.  This will entail less complaining, judging and escaping.
Besides all of the above, my list has a few more items.....painting classes, register in a two-year ministry program...not much more than that.  If I create too much activity (doing) then I will drift away from experiencing the right Now!!



  1. I love what your focus is. Instead of the doing kinds of things which may fall by the wayside and make you feel like you disappointed yourself, they are much more of the ongoing being sort.

  2. Hi Savina,
    I have made my list, but what I really need to do is put together my action plan. You may have the wish list, but without the action plan the dreams remain a wish.

    Thank you for sharing. Loved it!


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