Tuesday, November 27, 2018

What Does Forgiveness Mean To You?

I learned through general knowledge (and religion) that forgiveness was a godly trait, and as a “good person” I “should” forgive those that wronged me.  That seemed easy enough….but it wasn’t. 

I was willing to forgive but I still felt the hurt and resentful feelings.  I had no idea what to do about them except stuff them inside of me.  Of course, they would surface in passive ways and create rifts in my relationships. 

Once I started the YOU University work, forgiveness was presented in whole other way. I remember how sweet in my heart it felt to read:  Forgiveness means to GIVE LOVE AS BEFORE.  Yes, I wanted to experience that.

I found healing as I did the work of first acknowledging and honoring my feelings towards those that I believed had hurt me, and then I used the written tools learned in the program to process and express them.  

But I admit I felt resistance in the process because I wanted retribution, I wanted to continue feeling like a victim.  But more than anything I needed to heal….so I wrote many love letters to those I had believed had wronged me in the past.  This allowed me to reach the love and/or understanding that was in my heart for myself and the other person.....and peace. 

Today, when I forgive, I acknowledge my feelings first and then I do my best to understand the other person’s situation.  I do this process with the help of my Higher Self (It helps me see the bigger picture) and sometimes I talk it over with a friend indeed and or write a love letter.  

My understanding of true forgiveness is even deeper now as I learn through my practice of the principles in A Course in Miracles that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.  That they cannot hurt my True Being because it is invulnerable.  I am not perfect, I am a work in progress; but the more I forgive, the closer I am to reaching my True Being, that state of love, peace and joy.  

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