Thursday, November 8, 2018

Our Thoughts Have Power

These are statements from A Course in Miracles workbook lessons.  I’ve read through them many, many times in the past 11 years as a student of this spiritual path.  But it’s now that I am dedicated to practicing them deeply and am experiencing their effects. Good ones!

Living these principles is not the same as knowing them. They really challenge my thought system. I’ve known them but now I am better at living them.  So, whenever I feel uneasy, afraid, unworthy, less than, defensive, any yucky stuff, I am much quicker at catching the thought creating these feelings as soon as it arises.  I remind myself of the truth of my being, and I let it go. Often it takes several times going through this process, but it works the same.  

I know that if I hold on to this thought/belief it will eventually produce some kind of effect in the world I see and affect me directly.  I choose peace.

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