Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Who are We?

Who Am I?  Who are you?  Well, the many spiritual  books I've read on this journey affirm that we are all (in essence) changeless, eternal, love, powerful, and so much more.  What a wonderful, freeing feeling it is to accept this about ourselves.

Because of my self-defeating beliefs learned at an early age,  I believed that I was not enough, that I would never know enough to do and be what I so much desired.  I compared myself with others (always feeling less than, of course) and felt I wasn't worthy of the best in life.

In spite of this feeling of unworthiness, I decided I would find out what my purpose here was.  I was on a quest to discover who I really was. My True Self was not about my roles as a mother, a wife, a professional, a woman nor any of the other labels that had defined me.

Along the way, I experienced abusive relationships that kept me stuck for many years and sort of detached from what I had begun to pursue.  But even this served as a motivator to continue my quest.

I kept on and followed that deep, inner desire to heal.  I chose to study life coaching and also become an ordained minister.  Both life-changing and have served as part of my awakening and healing process. As a result I can testify that I've never been happier, my relationships are healthier, my choices are too!!

As I use what I've learned when the old stuff comes up, I don't allow the self-defeating thoughts to hang around in my head anymore.  I choose now to focus on what is true of me and of us all.  I remind myself consistently that:

  • I am powerful
  • I am loved and loving
  • I am the light of the world
  • I am eternal
  • I am provided for
  • God is always with me; I am never alone
Close your eyes if only for a moment and repeat those words to yourself.  Feel them.  Start your day with this purpose of being who you truly are moment to moment.  When the old stuff comes up, just remind yourself.  It is very freeing and joyful.  

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