Friday, November 30, 2018

God Wants Us To Be Happy

Today's A Course in Miracles lesson #74 is titled THERE IS NO WILL BUT GOD'S. 

Seems so simple and yet my mind can create complexity around this basic, true principle. What is God's Will for all of us but that we be happy?  That we trust, know we are cared for, we are eternal, that His Kingdom is within us and not in the seeming world "out there". 

I can testify that reading, contemplating on and practicing each daily lesson in my everyday life has shifted my experience as Savina.

How so?  Well, whenever I become aware of any old ego thought and emotion I'm experiencing (and I can tell by how I'm feeling....crappy), I have the discipline to notice it and remind myself of what I am learning.  It's really an unlearning of those old concepts and applying the new ones.  It may sound like brain-washing, but I don't care what it seems like.  The proof is in how I am feeling. 

Am I happier?  Yes!  Am I experiencing more peace and joy?  Yes! Is there less conflict and drama in my mind and life?  Absolutely. Anxiety?  Minimal.  (I dealt with anxiety and depression for years). I trust God (and myself) way more than I have ever in the past. It all starts right there, in my mind. In my thoughts.

So, I don't doubt the principles anymore because they work.  I still have "stuff" to heal in me. They come up like bubbles in water. Undoing a lifetime of fear-based beliefs is an on-going practice. But I am soooo loving this awakening process. 

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