Tuesday, June 2, 2020

My God Box

There have always been in my heart prayers and requests that I know are beyond my own resolving. It's those that take God Power and Knowing to make them happen (or not) for He knows if they are in my best interest.

A few years ago I got the idea of buying a nice box where I could write down these prayers as a sense of release. I found this really nice wooden one and it's where I place, lovingly and trustingly, my prayers to God. It's those that I deeply trust He will answer and resolve in His perfect timing. 

What I do is I write down and date my request on index cards, and I say a prayer from my heart placing it in His Hands. It goes in the box. Every now and then, not too often, I return to the box, look through each request, I may say another prayer, and close it. 

Once any prayer is answered, I remove it from the box, I give thanks and discard it.

I feel this practice deepens my trust and dependence on Him. 

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