Saturday, June 27, 2020

Special Relationships

The book Choose Again continues on to say about special relationships:  
"In a special relationship, I have given my partner the task of making me happy.  The arrangement stems from a belief in lack, that what I need has to be supplied by my partner.  Finally, a special relationship is a prolonged bargaining session which is doomed to fail; sooner or later my partner does not keep his or her end of the bargain."

I know this very well.  I was in such a relationship for many years, it ended up in co-dependency and losing myself. I have also had this kind of interaction with others, not just a partner, where I am expecting them to make me feel happy, good, etc.  This has only set me up for disappointment and has perpetuated my lack of growth as a whole being.

Once I embarked on the quest of understanding what love is, my relationships are based more on mutual appreciation, healthy boundaries and deeper connection.  It is a continuous work in progress because this takes self-honesty and awareness.  


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