Thursday, June 25, 2020

Holy Spirit's Mission

“God gave the Holy Spirit to you, and gave Him the mission to remove all doubt and every trace of guilt that His dear Son has laid upon himself.”

For years I've studied/read A Course in Miracles and practiced its principles of healing the mind.  It's taken me a long time to take to heart and own all the loving thoughts and Will that God holds for me.

I sat with this one to day as I read it during my devotional, and was filled with such gratitude to be aware that I have a Guide, Comforter, Helper placed within me by God Himself to help me return Home.  I could never do it alone, but I am not alone.  This is His mission!

And no matter what thoughts I may have about myself, whether it's unworthiness, guilt, shame, you name it, I can bring these to the Holy Spirit within me and ask Him to heal my perception of myself and others.  To see myself with His eyes, as I truly am.  
As I practice seeing everyone as whole and innocent, the more I realize it in myself.  As I heal others, I heal within!  Full circle.  

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