Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Being Present

I love movies and always have. I learn a lot from movies. There’s always a message or lesson that the producer wants to communicate….just like art.

This morning, I decided to wash my car. I put it off for a while. It’s not a chore I like to do, really. I have to get all the stuff together I need to wash it, unscrew the hose from one faucet in the back yard and bring it to the front and screw it on to the other faucet. Then the hose gets all tangled and the water won’t come out….you know. Frustrating.

Just thinking about it makes me roll my eyes. But, I went to the task at hand. As I wet the car, then started to wash it with the sponge in my hand, dripping sweat from all over (me, not the car), I remembered the movie Karate Kid.

One of the first lessons for the student was to wax a car….slowly, thoroughly, one stroke at a time. Karate Kid was anxious and impatient for his first karate lesson. What the hell had this car waxing to do with learning martial arts?

I felt like Karate Kid washing my car. I was thinking….let me do this really fast and get it over with. I have so much to do on the computer….I felt stressed and anxious. So, I understood that if I FOCUS on washing the car, which is the task at hand, and do it with PRESENCE, it might be enjoyable. This was the lesson behind the car waxing. Focus, BE PRESENT, I control my mind not the other way around.

Needless to say, the car looked much, much cleaner and shinier than all the other times I had washed it. No missed spots, and I even took the time to wipe it dry. And, I put some Armor All on the tire thing. I had this feeling of accomplishment and peace. I put everything I had used away, too….with no rush. I’m doing it, I’m being it. Present. Patient.


  1. And I'm going to start my little yoga routine. What a great reminder. So truly, everything can be a meditation if we have that attitude onboard when we start out. Thanks for the insight, Savina - and the reminder.

  2. this is some good stuff Savina.

  3. Isn't this the truth Great validation Savina from you the writer - right now to me the reader right now - that is all there is one step at a time, one thought or action right now
    Beautifully written


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