Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creating My Reality

For the past few days I've spent many hours at home working from my computer. On Twitter, MySpace, FB, creating new relationships with other people out there....all interesting and unique and willing to connect. I have been so unaware of how much world there is out there to discover. Almost like being asleep.
Working for over 25 years in office settings in the corporate world, meaning....commuting to the same place, driving the same route, sitting @ the same desk and cubicle from 8:30 to 5:00, seeing the same people every single day, doing routine tasks....I am so over this now.
For many years I dreamed of having my own business, working from home, setting my own schedule, opening the gates of my creativity to flow and express myself in new ways. Purposeful and fulfilling work using my unique talents and abilities. That's what I want!!!
Finally, a few weeks ago I was laid off from work. At this precise time in my life, I have no debts, my kids are grown, I live with my elderly father and pay no rent. Synchronicity? Coincidence?
No....I see it as a new opportunity in my life to realize this desire in my heart. I didn't provoke the lay off, but I did have something to do with creating this situation just at this precise time.
I have a choice to start freaking out, worry about my future, my financial situation, etc. That's not what I choose to focus on. I believe I am on the right path living out my purpose. It takes faith in myself and in God to trust this process. It takes commitment to keep on going and learning so many new business concepts that I have little or no knowledge of. But I'm growing. I'm creating my reality, I'm learning, I'm becoming a new Me. I am proud of myself.

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