Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life Coach

This past week, two people have asked me about life coaching.

My father's dogs' veterinarian, who asked me what I do for a living, was one of them. I answered almost by default that I'm an administrative professional....then, I remembered, I’m not doing that anymore. I told him I was now building my life coaching business. Here came the question: and what is life coaching?

I realized I didn’t have a skit or a special line to respond with. I started to explain to the doctor in my own words. Oh, he raved that he has a sister that does that or something similar and she's fabulously successful. So, I realized I had done a good job at explaining myself (and he knew what life coaching was, just didn’t know it was called that).
My friend Vivian, who I went out with yesterday for a drink and good conversation, asked me how having a life coach had improved my life. I thought for a few seconds and I started talking away with Vivian. At that instant, I realized how much my life had changed:

  • I had worked at facing and finally healing many issues that haunted me for years;
  • How my relationships were changing;
  • How much happier and at peace I feel;
  • I trust myself so much more that I’m following my dream to be a life coach.

Then, I was surprised at how much Maia, my life coach for the past two plus years, has motivated and influenced me towards growth and self-discovery. I spoke with confidence and naturalness.

I'm very happy to be where I am at in life. I'm growing and accepting life and myself; I see each day as a new learning experience. I am confident I am just where I am supposed to be and this is what I am creating.

So, are you curious about what I answered the veterinarian? My role as a life coach is to assist my clients in seeing their truth, help them face and resolve the issues from their present or past that are blocking them from creating and living the life they want. I hold them accountable to their commitments; I mirror back to them what they need to see but may not want to see. I empower them. Having a life coach and being a life coach have made an huge difference in my life.

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  1. What you said to the Vet was perfect! It would make me want to be coached by you right that very moment!


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