Monday, July 5, 2010

Social Networking and more....

I've been working @ home for three weeks now. I'm learning so much. I'm slow catching on to the social networking part. It's something I'm doing daily, networking. Connecting with other people on the net through the different sites. There are so many (people and sites). It's still confusing to me. There's Twitter, Cotweet, refollow, LinkedIn, MySpace, Stumble Upon, Digg.....and more. There's backlinks and sharing and short links and posts and blogs. Ufff. But, my team is patient with me and they guide me as they are knowledgeable on these topics.
Sometimes hear that little voice whispering inside me: what are you doing? You need to be looking for a JOB already. You have bills to pay. What if this or that happens? What if....what if....what if....the regular doubts and fears.
Still, I continue investing my time, my energy, my creativity and my work to All About Life Coaching and You University! I am in love with what we can do through this site and our personal development coaching program. I am involved with the business while simultaneously going through the You University program myself, so I know first hand that this program is true and has substance.
I am also very blessed to be part of a unique team of women that are investing all of themselves too to make this program/business a success. We are all committed and open with each other. We can share just about everything with each other. Our first example is Maia herself; she's my life coach, and founder of You University. She's opened the door of opportunity for us to own our own business and to create a purposeful and satisfying career.
There is no sense of competition among us. There's love and honesty and full support. We communicate constantly on the internet and by phone too.
What an opportunity!!


  1. You are very brave Savina to write about this incredible journey we are all on. You are learning at the perfect pace! It is great to hear that you love what you are doing, this is the most important part of all isn't it. I am honored to be a part of YOU University and the "Soul Sisters". It is the healthiest relationships I have ever had! It is very nourishing. Great post.

  2. Thanks Crystal. This is truly a unique and growth provoking experience. I am so glad you and my other sisters are with me on this journey.


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