Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have You Cried Lately?

Crying is an outlet, a physical expression or manifestation of our feelings. I cry when I’m hurt. I cry when I’m sad. I cry when I’m angry or frustrated. I cry when I’m nostalgic. I cry when I’m joyous. I cry when I’m in love. Sometimes I cry when I make love. I cry when I feel love. I cry when I hold one of my granddaughters. I cry when I connect deeply with someone.

Have you cried lately? Do you know that crying is one of the best ways of releasing bottled up emotions? Just like laughter is. But, that’s another post.

While I meditated this morning, I saw myself as a little girl, curled up, afraid, like a prisoner. In this vision, my little girl was approached by my Real Self, a loving, grown up being. My Real Self gave my little girl permission to uncurl, to sit up. She told her she needn’t be afraid anymore. She assured her she was not alone. My Real Self glowed and was not totally solid, but more flowing. Come, I’m here, I sit with you. It’s ok. Let me listen to all you have to say. Release your shame. My Real Self reminded my little girl that my mother did the best she could. She reminded me that my mother did love me, and she was being her own best. As you can see here, I identify with my little girl. Still. I felt my Real Self inviting me to continue my metamorphosis process. Now is the time. It is time to break through the cocoon of fear and shame, and fly like the colorful butterfly that I truly am. My Real Self is with me on this path.

I cried. I processed many emotions during this meditation. I released a lot of sadness fear. All feelings. I feel lighter, better, clearer. I’ve carried all this stuff around all my life. I am processing, releasing. Self acceptance, along with all that that means. All the lessons that life has taught me. I look back and see them now. What I saw as shame and mistakes and labeled with pain and suffering are clearer to me today. This has been my unique path. It’s ok to feel. So, today I cried. And I was here for myself. It was a very good cry!!!


  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I'm a crier too. It saved my sanity for the all the years my life sucked. When I left my ex- my kids were 6, 7, 10 and 14 and each of them noticed within the first couple of months, "Mommy, you don't cry anymore." I still do but the need to release isn't really there anymore so often. I express my feelings now when they happen and live in a loving environment. Tears are good.

  2. I am starting to come out from big life changing events. The past year has been the hardest in my life so far, and I cried like never before. So, right now, I'm glad the crying is pretty much in control. I still cry, but not that often, thank God.

  3. What a moving experience Savina. I don't cry enough....I need to talk to my little girl and let her know it is okay to cry. Thank you for that reminder.


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