Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Am Where I'm Supposed to Be

Every morning I get up, have my coffee, turn on my computer at home, check my emails, read all sorts of inspirational messages, journals, and articles. I respond to some of these and also write my own. At this time of my day, I also take time to organize my space, and to pray, meditate and just be with myself in quiet mode.

My computer desk is right in front of my bedroom window (for now, my office is in a shared space with the rest of my bedroom)…..I feel so content, so at ease, so happy with this lifestyle. I can see the sky and hear an airplane flying in the distance (a sound that produces always a freeing sensation in me).

I spend many hours of my day on the computer. I work on building my Life Coaching practice and study You University (my coach training and self-development program); I am creating connections on different social media sites and I am learning so much. And I’m home. I don’t have to get dressed in stuffy clothes, or get into my lovely Toyota (I have a loving relationship with my car…it’s been great to me) and drive for an hour to spend 8 hours sitting in front of someone else’s computer doing what someone else wants me to do.

As I am here, reading, writing, feeling fulfilled, many thoughts enter my mind. I’d call them “reality check” thoughts (I’m an idealist….so I don’t look at reality checks that gracefully). “You can’t do this forever, you need to get grounded and look for a job, you’re not making any income doing what you’re doing, think about when you will be on your own (I live with my elderly father at this time), there’s nobody who will take care of you, you need money, you need a secure (?) job, you need insurance,” etc., and the “what ifs” are rolling on and on.

I get uneasy and start to doubt myself at this point. But, I reach into my “faith in God” place that’s always with me. In that place I remember that I’ve always been taken care of. I’ve never lacked absolutely anything. I’ve been provided for just at the right time with just the right things.

I feel I am at a place in my life that feels just right. I could say I have an uncertain future….but who doesn’t? I plan to keep this way of living, I intend to have my own home just as I desire it where I can work from and enjoy. I trust that I am on the correct path, doing what I need to do, being where I am supposed to be.

The “reality checks” are always there and they serve their purpose for me. And so is the “faith in God” place. I prefer hanging out in the latter.

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  1. I can tell you that you are DEFINITELY right where you are supposed to be. You have grown SO much in the past 2 months since your career shift. Your creativity is out of this world. You are a power house. You are creating your dream and will make an AWESOME life coach!


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