Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Connecting With Those We Serve

A few days ago I took my dad (you probably already know he's 92 from my other post) to the podiatrist for his regular foot hygiene check up, you know, grooming his toe nails, and so forth. When my father's turn came, he was escorted to one of the many rooms in the office by an assistant...I went with him. She didn't say much to him, just prepared his feet, cut his toe nails and left.
After a short waiting period, the doctor came in, didn't even look at my father in the face, didn't say hello, just cut to the chase, I mean to the feet, to work on his callus. There was no connection, no conversation, nothing. The doctor didn't say a word to me either. He came in, did his stuff, and left.
What's up with that? I sat there observing the whole scenario a bit surprised, I must say. I made a note right there to blog about this.
Is this what this guy went who knows how many years to college for? To treat people like they're invisible? Maybe he was having a rough day, I don't know. But the impression and feeling I got from him was not a good one. This is a doctor I would not go back to.
I think people who deal with people as a profession definitely need people skills. Right? This doctor maybe needs a life coach to help him get in touch with his inner child, or uncover his true feelings so he learns to relate and connect with those he chose to serve.


  1. I can almost understand when a doctor is working with someone with a lot of pain or a terrible illness and goes through that time after time, but a foot doctor? I like your comment about what he needs. Good one, Savina.

    Maia Berens, http://allaboutlifecoaching.com
    Life Coach Training

  2. I really love this post as well Savina. I would have had to speak my mind. I can hear myself saying something like, "I am a life coach and I really find connecting with people a great experience". Just to see if maybe I could have connected with the doctor or nurse somehow on a human level. It is great how you can see clearly that there is an underlying issue to the lack of personal contact. This is what makes you a great coach!

    Crystal Church
    YOU University Life Coach


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