Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Embrace Life

-->This morning I wake up and embrace Life. I know God is always with me.
I am a great Life Coach.
I have abundance of all good.
My coaching practice flourishes and overflows.
Our coaching practice flourishes and overflows.
We are a strong, loving, energetic, positive force in the world
We are healing and as we heal, we heal those around us.
I know what to say, when to say it because I am guided.
In our group, we complement each other because our talents and skills are so vast when joined together. The sum of the all is greater that is separate parts.
People with the financial capacity and willingness to commit are coming into our program.
We have, each of us, as individuals and also as a group, an infinite flow of clients being coached, helped, healed, trained. Our organization is growing. It is organized. Our vision remains.
And so it is!!


  1. These are some mighty powerful affirmations!

  2. Empowering stuff here!
    You are creating an amazing reality.


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