Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Inspires Me?

A few days ago I was interviewed by Toni Reece for an online project, The Get Inspired Project.
One of the questions asked was, what inspires me? So, I’d like to share my answer here.
I find inspiration through my walks in Nature; there I find peace in its surroundings, sounds and scents.
I find inspiration in my time of silence in God’s presence. I open my heart to Him and allow my spirit to be nourished and renewed.
I’m inspired by the women I choose as friends and allow into my inner circle. Briefly, I want to mention four of these women….they are ever present even though they reside at thousands of miles away. We are connected by something stronger than physical closeness.
These women are Maia Berens, Crystal Church, Adrienne Johnson and Heather Williams. They are my friends, business partners in You University and also my support system.
Each of these women has experienced their share of hardship in their lives. Divorce, abuse, abandonment, addiction, and each has overcome these struggles. Today they are women who serve others to overcome their own blocks. Today, they are strong, courageous, inspiring, wise women. They once made a choice…..the choice to heal, to grow, to release, and to forgive.
They inspire me to be the very best Me I can be. Being in their company awakens all sorts of inspiring ideas and desires to make the world a better place. We share each others present joys and difficulties. We nurture and motivate each other to continue on.
They inspire me.


  1. And you inspire me. Thank you. Everything you said about all of us is also true about you.

  2. I am so honored to be one of your inspirations. I feel the same way about you and the other women in our circle. Never in my life have I had such a connection with people. This was a wonderful post and well written. I am now headed to listen to the interview you gave a link too.


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